Stella Nian

Hi, I am Stella. I am a self taught graphic designer with over 6+ years of experience of website development, SEO, brand management, and product marketing specialist. I love to learn and create.

I gather my inspiration from experiences I’ve had living abroad and taking in multiple influences across different cultures. If you need a smart working graphic designer and website developer, I’m the one.

Work Experience

2016/6 - Current
2011/6 - 2016/6 (five years)

2016/6 – Current
Product UI.UX & Graphic Designe


  1. Implemented effective team management in production and development processes to ensure all projects are completed on time, within budget, and with high industry/company standards.
  2. Creating design on front and back ends, including Chinese and English versions, for consumers and distributors. Also creating variants of designs for upper management for alternative versions of the product line.
  3. Maintain company websites and search engine optimization of all activities.
  4. Creating new product box design, commercial product photography and editing; through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom to create an image that is correct in color, resolution, and saturation, and blending in with multiple backgrounds.
  5. Increased brand image improving visibility.
  6. Creative writing and color performance to enhance guest recognition in marketing production to sell company products and/or ideas.
  7. Developed products with R & D engineers through efficient channels of communication and coordination to ensure the production process can combine beauty, elegance, and color.
  8. Integrated product modeling, function, visual enhancements, material properties and consumer management, design and packaging products, for products to meet market demand.
  9. For Asia, Europe, and the United States; I have created marketing materials, planned activities, along with live events on site content.
  10. Can independently complete product video decomposition, action photography, and video editing design and creation, so products can be placed on any media platform.
  11. Engaged in press, magazines, and atlas for cover and layout planning designs and art along with experience.

2011/6 – 2016/6 (five years)
As a graphic designer and marketing assistant


  1. Effective team management processes to ensure that all items are completed on time and within budget, to company/industry standards.
  2. Managed and implemented brand remodeling business with market managers and customer representatives.
  3. Monitored and managed the design, implementation, and continuation of social media campaigns across a variety of platforms ie. Facebook and YouTube
  4. Maintained company websites and search engine optimization activities.
  5. Planned activities on site image design and content arrangements.
  6. Created new product box designs, commercial photo shoot and editing of multiple product lines, and through the illustration image design so that customers understood what the product is and its usefulness.
  7. Increased brand image.
  8. Development materials and designs for sales of various peripheral products.

Personal Projects

Future Music Los Angeles, Inc.
Ambrosia Import and Export USA

2016/6 – Current
Manager/Consultant of Online, Content and Social Media

Future Music Los Angeles, Inc.

  1. Create, Develop, Manage current website and SEO.
  2. Developed and implemented code for website to actively engage in live social media updates.
  3. Ensure all social media is properly maintained, and updated on time and on all platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.
  4. Manage individual artist profiles on website.
  5. Edit photos to correct size, color, and resolution to maintain proper visual aspects on website.
  6. Created company introduction video through Adobe After Effects currently used on all video media with company.
  7. Created an effective marketing campaign to bring in new clients and maintain current client relationships.
  8. Developed brand image and awareness.
  9. Created current company logo.
  10. Acted as Artists and repertoire (A&R) to find new talent.
  11. Representative of Future Music LA, Inc. to all business contacts in Asia.

2017/11 – Current
Logistics analyst and Marketing, Ambrosia Import and Export USA


  1. Communicate with Manufacturer as representative of company.
  2. Analyze logistics from manufacturer to port of Taiwan and determine costs and budget.
  3. Coordinate with American office to make sure that proper licenses and permits are up to date and ready for shipment.
  4. Maintain dialogue and relationship with manufacturer and Ambrosia.
  5. Logo Design.
  6. Website Development and Design.


Photography / Product Catalog / Company Brand / E-commerce / UI / UX / 
Advertising / Packaging / Drawing / Poster / Effects Animation / SEO Optiization / 
Marketing Graphic Design / Branding Consultant / Brand Strategist

WordPress Design100%
Axure RP840%
Adobe Illustrator100%
Adobe Photoshop100%
Adobe InDesign100%
Adobe After Effects50%
Adobe Premiere50%


CCEA Chinese Computer Education Association
Level C technician for web page design
E-Commerce standards-level test qualified
Adobe Acrobat & Training test qualified