Liane Tominaga

Songwriter inspired by dreams. powered by love. soaking in every moment of triumph & sorrow. growing older, wiser, stronger. holding onto truth & laughter.

Known to be a utility player in the studio, Liane easily adapts to any writing session. She has been in studio sessions for a variety of pop genres, anything from Pop Country/Singer-Songwriter to R&B/EDM to Indie/Folk music.

She has an innate ability to work clever & emotional lyrics into cohesive concepts & marry them to catchy melodies. She has an ear for phrasing, top line melodies, vocal production, harmony vocals, & chord progression for song structure. Whether she’s working with a production team’s tracks or just a guitar & artist, Liane’s goals is always to create songs that stick with the audience & content that is both relatable & original.

She has had the pleasure of working with Canadian Warner artist Victoria Duffield, Philippine sensation Mica Javier, American Idol’s Blake Lewis, producer Swagga Bob, & producer Randy Wine.